Zone Treatment

Balance your Mind and Body for perfect health

A balanced body is a healthy body.

Zone Treatment balances your body into ‘self healing’ mode by clearing the brain-body imbalance to stimulate the control centres of your brain to activate your healing process.

What is Zone Treatment?

  • Zone Treatment is the practice of balancing the physiological functions of your body by non-invasively stimulating your spinal cord through energetic or gentle physical touch. This technique triggers the brain centres in control of your body health to reset your body function and switch into a healing mode
  • Zone Treatment is not new. It is one of the original healing modalities discovered and developed nearly 100 years ago. Zone Treatment has been proven, time and time again, to achieve miraculous healing results for all conditions varying from simple health issues through to seemingly impossible or irreversable conditions
  • All is connected – mind, body and energy. You can heal and rebuild when you are in balance. Your body is a reflection of your mind. We must heal the mind and body together
  • Your body has 7 zones. 6 zones control all physiological and biological functions in your body. The function of every single cell in your body is controlled by a corresponding brain centre
  • Your brain centres regulate the function of energy organ and system, and every single cell in your body, through these 6 zones. Health conditions arise from a mind and body that are out of balance. If you are unwell, unhealthy or experience health problems your zones will not be functioning correctly and must be balanced to achieve proper health
  • Emotions and trauma are the source of all dis-ease. All manifested health issues arise with imbalance from emotional, physical or environmental trauma
  • The state of each zone can be assessed by checking certain points on the back of the head, where the nerve flow between the brain and spine are palpable. A simple palpation or intuitive remote check of your zones will determine which of your zones need balancing
  • When your body is balanced you will begin to heal. Once balanced, your brain centres will begin to re-regulate your body functions and activate your natural healing process
  • The 7th zone is a system and body wide rebuilding and rejuvenation process, and is best done in consultation with Jason

With over 30 years experience in the mind, health, consciousness, energy, psychology and deep mind meditation Jason can help you.

Guided Meditation & Consciousness Instructor

  • Certified Zone Treatment practitioner
  • Guided Meditation facilitator
  • Mind, Energy & Consciousness Instructor
  • BA Counselling Psychology
  • Diploma Professional Counselling
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy



All health issues in the body (those not caused by external forces, injury or toxins) are the manifested result of memories we hold, traumas we have experienced and concepts we have developed. These traumas develop within the body, projected from our subconscious and deeper mind.

Frequently asked Questions

Can Zone Treatment help me, and how?

Yes. Zone Treatment will balance the zones and physiological functions of your body. All health conditions that manifest in the body do so because a body function is out of balance. Balancing your body into healing mode will help any imbalance in the regulatory processes of your body. ALL health conditions develop from emotional and physical trauma, subconscious concepts and deep unresolved memory trauma. Zone Treatment will help your body heal by balancing your brain-body system.

How will you check my zones?

When a zone is unbalanced and unregulated in the body there are corresponding points (1 point for each zone) on the back of your head that can be assessed or detected. In order to begin to heal, your body will indicate which primary and secondary system require assistance, and your zones will be balanced.

What does "spinal cord stimulation" mean?

Spinal cord stimulation is completely non-invasive, non-chiropractic and involves no pressure or muscle or spinal manipulation. Energetic stimulation of the mind and energy centre around the spinal cord is achieved by touch through clothing. Spinal cord stimulation does not involve manipulation of bones or any physical adjustment in any way. In-person sessions offer a massage table to relax upon whilst the balancing is completed. Energetic stimulation is available in-person or remotely. The effectiveness is exactly the same as physical stimulation of any kind. Zone Therapy is mind-body stimulation technique.

What is the difference between in-person and energetic Zone Treatment?

No difference at all. All is energy, and the physical body is simply the densest frequency of our overall energy structure containing thought and memory. Clients who experience Zone Treatment achieve equally profound results whether they are attending a session in-person or via an online virtual or remote session. The basis for healing is the mind, and as an intuitive practitioner and energy instructor with extensive experience in energy field balancing and adjustment, Jason will assess zones and apply Zone Treatment techniques with or without touch. Everything is energy, and energy and the mind heal.

How do you know which zones need balancing?

During a physical palpation session zones that require balancing will typically be more tender, and there are also other indicators that Jason will look for. The body will clearly and decisively show what zones are not balanced. For remote sessions online, Jason will use an intuition-based energy assessment to sense and reveal the same zone information from the body’s energy field with precise accuracy.

Where on my head do you check?

There are 6 corresponding points to your 6 physical body zones located bilaterally on the back of your skull between the back of your ear and the centre of the back of your head. If you are having an in-person session you will be invited to lay facedown on the massage table so your zones can be checked with a simple palpation (finger press) technique.

I am on medication or under the guidance of a medical doctor or professional, can I still do Zone Treatment?

Yes you can. Zone Treatment can be performed on any client at any time by a certified Zone Treatment practitioner. It is a supportive and complimentary therapy to any other modality. If you are under the care of a medical professional you may or may not inform them of your decisions to received Zone Treatment, however it is advised that any decision relating to your use of medicines or treatment under the guidance or prescription of a medical professional be done in consultation with your medical professional, physician or general practitioner.

Why haven't I heard of Zone Treatment before?

Zone Treatment has been established for nearly 100 years, developed well before modern medical science ‘knowledge’. Aspects of Zone Treatment have existed for even longer in human history. Given the profound and often miraculous results of this technique it is disappointing and yet unsurprising few have heard of it. Zone Treatment is based on results, and around the world results being achieved by certified Zone Treatment practitioners who continue to defy the laws of ‘medical science’ as they heal people every day .

My doctor has never heard of Zone Treatment either. Why?

The medical establishment does not typically appear to understand or show interest in the holistic concepts of energy, ‘mind’, consciousness, cellular memory and subconscious concepts related to health. Zone Treatment understands the true nature of disease and illness and seeks to heal the true cause of imbalance rather than just treat the superficial symptoms with often unnatural modalities with a general lack of understanding of the human experience and the power of the human mind over its body.

How long does it take to work? How many sessions will I need?

Every body heels and their own rate. The body will do what it needs to do to heal. The deep complexities of physiological and cellular health are as complex as the mind itself, and yet the simple fact is your healing may take a single session, or many. On average clients attend 5-6 consecutive sessions. The number of sessions is not a gauge of healing efficiency. Every body, every mind is different. Healing is very dependent on whether the client condition is more general, symptomatic, emotional, mental or more extensive.

How will I feel after a session?

Very often clients feel better in some way almost immediately. Mental and emotional states can begin to clear and physical restrictions can ease rapidly. Once the body is balanced, the body will begin to adjust and balance itself in accordance to its own needs. On the seldom occasion the body experiences minor changes in any way as it balances it is simply the process of the body readjusting towards balance and healing.

How long does a session last?

Your first session will last 30 minutes as we establish your needs and explain the Zone Therapy process in more detail. Follow-up sessions will last 10 – 15 minutes. Zone technique is a concise, focused technique that does not require prolonged effort or time.

How often do I need to have a Zone Treatment session?

As often as possible taking into consideration all of your circumstances. Typically clients attend Zone Treatment once or twice a week. Sessions can very between in-person and remote session, it makes no difference. The healing process is not ‘time’ based, rather it is ‘mind’ based.

What does the session feel like? Will I feel discomfort?

You will experience no physical discomfort at all. The touch on your head during a physical palpation session is simply the pressing of fingers against the rear of the skull. Any touch through the clothes against the neck and spine is gently and ever-so-slight. No pressure is used on the spine or neck whatsoever. Other energy sensations that may be felt are energy adjustment or emotional freeing sensations. Zone Therapy is as gentle as it is profound.

If there are 6 zones to heal the body, why are there 7 zones?

The mind and the body are an amazing structure of energy. The nature of all energy and all living things, including us, contain patterns and structure. 6 zones relate to the physiology of the body and all of its functions. The 7th zone is to do with the overall rebuilding of your physical health. This can be likened, and is in connection with, a spectrum of light or the chakra energy system. All is connected.

It is my body that needs healing, so what has my mind got to do with my health?

Your body is a manifestation of your mind. You cannot separate your body from your mind any more than you can separate rays of light from the sun. We must repair your body with your mind, therefore we start with the mind and change its concepts and communication towards the body. Healing begins in the body when the mind is directing new thought patterns into its cellular biology and regulatory systems.

I have a chronic or severe condition, can Zone Treatment help me?

Zone Treatment can help every condition affecting the human body that does not require immediate, urgent or emergency attention by a medical practitioner. If you have any reason to believe your condition, state of mind or state of health is an emergency in any way please seek medical advice and emergency support.

I have an emotional health issue, can Zone Treatment help me?

Yes, Zone Treatment can help balance your physical zones to help ease any emotional health issue you may be feeling or experiencing. For all mental and emotional health issues it is recommended you also find support in parallel by an appropriate counsellor. The Time Centre also offers professional counselling alongside Zone Treatment sessions. At all times, if you are feeling unsafe or unsure about your state of mind please seek professional assistance.

I have had surgery or a medical treatment of some kind, can Zone Treatment help me recover?

Yes. Zone Treatment will balance your body to achieve optimal health recovery and to empower your own health functions of your body. It is a supportive and complimentary treatment to any other modality. If you are under the care of a medical professional you may or may not inform them of your decisions to received Zone Treatment, however it is advised that any decisions relating to your use of medicines or treatment under the guidance or prescription of a medical professional be done in consultation with your medical professional or general practitioner.

Can Zone Therapy cure any disease or condition or illness?

It is a firm position based on nearly 100 years of healing results that the human body can heal from disease and conditions in ways modern science does not understand. The mind via the brain has the power to do incredible things. All disease is a manifestation of trauma, memory and concepts held within the subconscious at deep levels of memory relating to experiences and responses along the journey of life and lives we have lived. A balanced body is a body that knows how to heal. A balanced and resolved mind knows how to direct the body to heal also. Zone Therapy will balance your body to achieve optimal health recovery and to empower your own health functions so you can heal.

Can Zone Therapy help prevent surgery?

Zone Therapy can and will assist the body to heal. Any decision to prevent surgery can only be made by a client in consultation with their medical physician. It is worth noting anecdotally, however, under the care of Zone Treatment practitioners, there are clients in past and current times who required surgery but were able to heal sufficiently or completely to the extend they were able to avoid or cancel surgeries.

Can Zone Therapy help with anxiety and so-called 'disorders'?

In our experience all mental and emotional issues arise from deep memory imbalance, environmental, experiential distress or emotional trauma. We advocate anxiety and other behavioural issues are a result of these kinds of distress and trauma. The Zone Therapy process seeks to address the cause of all conditions in order to heal the resulting effect.

What is the first step?

The first step is simply to book your first session either as an ‘in-person session’ or a ‘virtual online’ session. 

Do I need a referral?

No, you do not need a referral. Zone Therapy is open to everyone of all ages who require help. 

Zone Treatment – heal your Body and Mind

Your Zones control all Glandular, Elimination, Nerve, Digestive, Muscular and Circulatory cell and function in your body. Using remote or in-person energetic stimulation your brain-body balance can be restored and your natural healing systems can repair your body.

You Can Heal.

I had been feeling unwell for quite a long time, but after Zone Treatment with Jason I feel so happy and my headaches are gone!

My body was so inflamed. I knew I wasn’t eating properly but the discomfort become chronic and the feeling of being out of balance with my heath was a real battle.  When I heard about Jason and Zone Treatment I was keen to understand more. I contacted him and he took the time to explain it all, and I decided to start a treatment plan.

My appointments had to be conducted remotely as I live in Australia, and I commenced my very first treatment with a headache that I had not been able to shake for days.  By the end of my first session my headache was gone and my health just started to improve immediately. After each treatment I felt lighter and lighter, and on the inside I feel clean, empty and light.

I feel like nothing is fighting against anything else in my health system anymore. I felt inspired and am now taking responsibility for healthier eating so that my outer matches my inner. I am so deeply grateful to Jason and highly recommend him. Having Zone Treatment with Jason was one of the best thing I have ever done to improve my life.

Leonie Langlands

After years with severe bouts of reflux, it is such a relief to be free of pain and discomfort. 

After being referred by a friend, my first consultation with Jason left me with a warm feeling throughout my body, and after a great sleep that night I awoke for the first time in a long time with no reflux, and I just felt really good.
I didn’t quite understand what Zone Treatment worked, or what Jason was doing at first, but I can only state that it has worked wonders for me.
It has been 2 months now since my treatments and still have no concerns with reflux at all. He has really helped me. In my opinion all you need is an open mind and a desire for him to help you heal yourself, and he can help you heal too.
Wendy Little

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Zone Therapy is a healthcare modality based upon the teachings of Dr Thurman Fleet and The Zone School of Healing, created and operated by Dr Pete Goldman. Whilst every effort and conviction is applied to empower and balance healing in an individual no guarantee of healing or curing health related conditions is expressed or implied. Zone Therapy and The Time Centre and its operators or employees do not offer a healing or health benefit guarantee of any kind. If you are currently being treated by a physician or other healthcare practitioner, or have been diagnosed with any condition or disease, please consult with that provider prior to changing, modifying, or taking part in any session, meditation, discussion, consultation, group or program. The Time Centre supports the ability of the mind to achieve immeasurable and positive results, and expressly disclaims any liability of any kind or nature relating to any individual person participation in the Zone Therapy and/or Zone Treatment services, this website, meditations or programs.


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