Expand your mind, your energy, your life. 

Discover your deeper mind. Become more awareness. Learn about consciousness. Create balance, harmony and meaning in your life.

Here you will find workshops to help in everyday life, as well as your deeper inner mind. Find your place in your own life. Become aware. Resilient. Healthy in mind, body and energy. Find your purpose. 

Take a deep dive into your intuitive mind. Show yourself what you are capable of. Learn to access your subconscious mind. Communicate with your inner ‘you’ for success and harmony.  Learn tools for life. Discover the esoteric. Remember the true nature of your mind and energy.

Health, Wellbeing, Mindfullness, Energy, Intuition, Dreams and more …

Mind and Body Health Workshop

In this workshop, Jason will instruct and guide you to improve your physical health, strengthen your immune system and create cellular resilienceJason will show you how what we think and how we feel always manifests in our bodies. This is why our concepts of self-identity needs to shift so we can become happier and healthier. Cellular and biological health is drastically improved when concepts or blockages from the subconscious are released. This workshop is as much about peace and harmony as it is about mental resilience, psychological strength and physiological health.
In this workshop Jason will explore the link between the conscious and unconscious mind, and demonstrate and activate your ability to balance your body and mind with Zone Treatment. Jason is a deep mind meditation specialist with a focus on zone healing and behavioural psychology. He will help you find balance in your mind and body to maintain your mental, emotional and physical health for an improved sense of well-being and a happier, healthier life. 

Psychology of Change - Wellbeing Workshop

Change is all around us. It happens to us every day, in every moment of our lives. Change is often wonderful, yet can also be unwanted and difficult. Our world is changing. We are changing. But how do we find and hold a ‘centred’ state of mind amidst such change?

It is essential that we do. Learn to centre yourself and thrive in a world that is constantly shifting and changing faster now than ever before, with no signs of slowing down. Find the ability to be strong of thought, peaceful of mind and resilient in body.

This exclusive workshop will help you find your centre point and understand the psychology of change. Learn tools to become resilient and mindful in the modern age. Maintain peace amongst stress. Discover how to maintain total self-awareness within a world that would seek to distract continuously. How do you stay healthy and strong amidst the changes around us? You will find out in this workshop.

3hr workshop, discussion and instruction. Includes a meditation.

Workshops run every month.

7 Keys to Your Inner Self Awakening Workshop

In order to become a healthy and mindful human being, we have to get to know ourselves. Jason has spent 30 years investigating and working with the mind and deeper levels of self-awareness.

This workshop explores the conscious and subconscious aspects of your mind, and draws out your abilities and capabilities to become self-aware and to really get to know yourself. Most people live their lives without really knowing who they are.

Become truly happy and truly self-aware with the keys you will discover in this workshop.

3hr practical hands-on Workshop.

Workshops run every month.

Dream Talking Discovery Workshop

We all dream, every night, and there is so much to learn about your own mind, your memories, your past, yourself, your future and your now. This is a practical workshop where you will learn about dream symbology and subconscious communicatio

The more we learn about our dreams, the more we are in touch with our own mind. The mind is our most powerful asset. Why wouldn’t you want to get to know it?

Learn valuable tools to help you align your waking state with your subconscious mind. The more you remember your dreams the more aware you become. The more aware you become, the more power you have to be happy.

3hr practical hands-on Workshop.

Workshops run every month.

Presentation Discussion: The Timeless Mind

Presentation and discussion about energy fields, the power of the mind, intuition, the centre point of the light within, the power of memory, dreams, consciousness, the afterlife and the paranormal.

Jason will share experiences in fractal reality, perception, time and space, the journey of the soul, reincarnation, karma, universal energy, the purpose of life, alternative timelines and thought.

3hr presentation and discussion.

Workshops run every month.

Energy, Intuition, Dreams & Meditation Workshop

Develop your intuitive abilities and discover the connection between your inner and outer mind. Understand how to protect and strengthen your energy field whilst tapping into your sentient abilities. Improve your health and gain deeper insights by remembering how to live your life connected to the Real you.

Dreams, intuition, prophecy and deep understanding await you. Includes meditation to awaken inner awareness. Remember your dreams and listen to what your inner mind is telling you.

3hr practical hands-on Workshop.

Workshops run every month.

Workshop Locations:

Nadi Wellness
55 Gorge Rd Queenstown

Luna Retreat – Moonlight Track, Arthurs Point Queenstown

Jason Swaffield


Jason has worked as a practitioner, instructor and researcher of the mind & body and the energy systems of consciousness and behaviour for over 30 years. He is a dynamic and exciting workshop facilitator and mindfulness speaker. His holistic approach is based on our inner and outer minds for awareness, deep intuition and resilience. Jason is a deep-mind meditation instructor, and the first qualified Zone Therapy practitioner in New Zealand. His foremost Timeless Mind Healing sessions help the mind and body heal in conjunction with memory resolution techniques and Zone Treatments.

Jason is a professional psychological counsellor with a holistic focus on healing the mind, memory, the energy field and the subconscious concepts that define us. He delivers practical training and instruction to our mental and emotional wellbeing to enhance the depth of self-awareness we hold. Other areas of expertise, experience, individual consultation and workshops are in the esoteric field of the bio and deeper energy fields, the inner mind, dreams, the paranormal, intuition, dimensional consciousness and beyond.

  • 30 years experience and practise in mind, behavioural psychology, consciousness and energy systems
  • 15 years guided mediation instructor & holistic counselling
  • Zone Treatment Certified Practitioner
  • Creator of Timeless Mind Healing programs
  • Creator of exclusive ‘The Psychology of Change’ Resilience Program
  • Dreams & dimensional consciousness
  • 36 years paranormal & parapsychology investigation & research
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy training
  • BA Psychology Counselling (including personal, relationship, trauma, grief, loss, personal, existential and other counselling areas)

"I have felt different all my life, like I did not belong, like I did not fit. I could never find balance until I met Jason. He helped me understand the memories that were holding me back from being me and I could not be more happy."


"I have meditated for years, but Jason's guided meditations are like nothing else I experienced before. It was just like you said, Jason, relaxation comes after awareness, not before."


"I look around my life now and I see everything I did not see before. Clarity is everything. If I had not had an insight session I would not have known where to look within my own psyche. Thank you, Jason, from the bottom of my heart."


"I attended an Intuition & Energy workshop and was amazed at how much I did not know about energy, life and my own energy field. I thought intuition was like a tool, but it is so much more. I discovered it was the connection to the Real me."


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