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The Illusion of Reality

The investigative documentary 40 Years in the making

It began more than 4 decades ago with a need by one person to understand what lay beyond life. That dedication would lead to the revelation that is the beginning of the Greatest Story Never Told. A heartfelt search that would find answers to the greatest questions of all. A journey of consciousness, light and energy. A journey of awareness, thought, memory, time, space and hope. An inner discovery of planetary and universal dimensions, alternate futures, extraordinary paranormal experiences – and contact from those beyond this planet and beyond our reality. Ultimately it is a journey of awakening; it is a journey about love.

This world is not only holographic, it is a created program. Listen to the experiences. Hear the facts. Open your mind. It is time to wake up.

Read more about this documentary here, watch for free on YouTube or purchase your own copy and help support the Elonias Foundation – the foundation for Inner Awareness.

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Taking Care of Your Energy System

We all have an energy system, and a clear and strong energy field is vital for our health and wellbeing. It directs our thinking, it effects our decisions, and contains all memory of who and what we are.

To understand our energy field, is to be aware of all that we are – and all that we can be. In this guided meditation program, Diane will take you on a journey into your own energy and show you how to clear, strengthen and maintain your energy.  By being aware and in control of your own energy system, so are able to think and feel clearly, make decisions that are right for you, and protect for your mind and body.

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The Journey Home

A book about the light of awakening to the Real within you. this compilation of messages about love, light, illusion, reality, balance and harmony will inspire you. It is the foundation of light of the awareness that you are more than you believe you are.

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Dream Talking

Learn to remember your dreams! Gain insight and prophecy. This guided meditation style instructional program teaches you how to align your waking state with your subconscious mind. Open communication and awareness from your inner mind to ‘you’.

This program is available from the Elonias Foundation website

Create the Future You Want

The meditation “Balance & Harmony” included in ‘The Journey Home 4 Show – Feelings and Intuition’ is an excerpt from the larger program “Creating the Future You Want”, created by Diane Swaffield. This program has helped countless people understand the true nature of time and memory, and align with a New Future by disconnecting with the power of the past … and the power of your old future.

This program is available from the Elonias Foundation website

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