The Gateway Experience

Your mind has the power to take you on a journey beyond time.

The Gateway will take you consciously through the inner space of your mind – to the Real You.

The Gateway

The Gateway is within you. It exists within the centre of your mind and energy. We all have an energy system, the kind of energy field we all know of as a multi-dimensional energy structure with many layers that align from our biological physical energy body through to the higher frequencies of mind and light. Our energy incorporates what we know of as the chakra system – 7 key points that interact between our mind, body and higher conscious states of awareness. Our energy is an aspect of what is often called the soul, or spirit. The journeys we have had in this life and through many experiences and lives, form our individual memory blueprint. This holds the imprint of ‘time’ within us. ‘Time’ is memory, and memory can be traumatic or inspirational. It can contain imbalance through fear, or expansiveness through love.

Zone Therapy will balance your body. Timeless Mind Healing will energise, recode and rebuild your entire memory blueprint by connecting your conscious mind with your Timeless Mind, activating your Light Blueprint originating from beyond the effects of time – beyond the source of all creation. This is not only possible, but is already being experienced every day by seekers who are balanced and have an open mind, those who are free of spirit and seek the next step in their journey of light – to find their ‘Real’ self.

Take a journey beyond boundaries, beyond the perception of the illusion of your reality. ‘Mind Travel’ to places beyond imagination… memories of journeys long forgotten that can now be remembered.

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The Time Centre – Life and Light Layers Diagram

The Gateway Experience takes you on a journey of discovery

beyond belief, beyond memory, beyond time.

Heal – Take time to transcend time
Remember Light before Life
Resolve Memory
Mind over Body
You can Heal
Balance Your Body & Mind
Meditate for Life
Meditation is Light
Light is New Life

Recode DNA expression
Reset genetic blueprint
Reform Memory Pathways
Rebuild Mind & Body Balance
Restore Body Function and Health

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