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Dream Talking

We all dream, every night, and there is so much to learn about your own mind, your memories, your past, yourself, your future and your now. This is a practical workshop where you will learn about dream symbology and subconscious communication.

The more we learn about our dreams, the more we are in touch with our own mind. The mind is our most powerful asset. Why wouldn’t you want to get to know it?

Learn valuable tools to help you align your waking state with your subconscious mind. The more you remember your dreams the more aware you become. The more aware you become, the more power you have to be happy.

This program uses carefully designed guidance and instruction, including guided meditation, subconscious communication, binaural and support techniques.

This program is designed to help you not only remember dreams, but gain insight into who you are so you can effectively interpret your dreams and get the most of your journey through life. It will help you become the person you always knew you could be. Remembering dreams means being in touch with the inner you, and listening to what the timeless part of your mind needs you to know.


  • 5-Part Dream Tutorial Introduction
  • 7 Instruction Stages to train your minds to work together
  • 4-Part Specialised Guided Meditations Series

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The Elonias Foundation

The Elonias Foundation is the supporting website to The Time Centre where you will find more information about dreams, consciousness and many other related topics based on Inner Awareness.

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