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7 Keys to Knowing Yourself

Do you know the Real ‘you’? Have you ever wondered how to find the best version of you? It all starts with you. To know yourself is to understand what has led you to your life right now. How we see ourselves, the energy and mindset we carry through our lives, and how we teach others to treat us all has a powerful impact on how we experience our everyday lives. Your energy is generated equal to your thought, and your past memory is a source of energy for better or for worse.

This program gives you the opportunity to take a deep and personal look at ‘you’. The online program is privately yours, and allows you to delve into your thoughts and feelings so you can empower what will bring about positive change, and release the things that are taking you and your energy frequency away from the New future you want and deserve. 

  • The program contains 7 separate areas to explore ‘you’
  • Each section has a series of reflection questions so you can really get to know yourself AND discover things about you that perhaps didn’t yet realise
  • At the end of each section is a meditation-style audio session to allow you to reflect and travel through the inner recognition of what you have learned, remembered or discovered
  • Each one will allow you to look at a different aspect of who you are
  • Each section has several reflective exercises, and following each section is a meditation to allow the fullness of the reflective, considered or inner journey you have just made to find its place within the depth of your understanding

 This program is also self paced, so there is no set duration. I would suggest, however, you spend the time you deserve on the sessions so you feel the experience all the way through without losing continuity

The aim of this program is to set you free from the constraints of memory, doubt, fear and limitation. The program is designed to empower you with the freedom of awareness that comes with truly knowing yourself. You cannot be the same person once you have successfully finished this program. Why? Because to know ourselves is to open the Gateway of discovering our true potential.

You can use this program once, or repeatedly. This program can also be used as a recommended first step before starting the ‘Mind Travel’ program ‘Creating the Future You Want‘.

Let’s begin!

    You can learn more about discovering your Real and true self at The Elonias Foundation

    The Elonias Foundation is the supporting website to The Time Centre where you will find more information about dreams, consciousness and many other related topics based on Inner Awareness.

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