Health & Wellbeing Counselling

Jason is a professional counsellor with nearly 30 years of behavioural psychology and support experience, and 15 years experience as a Professional Counsellor. He has professional and personal expertise in grief and bereavement, trauma recovery, existential self-identity and life-purpose, linking these directly to motivation and behaviour.

Jason facilitates workshops and training on “The Psychology of Change’ to public and commercial groups to help develop and foster the abilities needed to achieve a deep centred self-awareness of oneself. The key strategies Jason uses are designed to achieve balance and build emotional resilience to thrive in a changing world.

  • Mental & Emotional health, Grief, loss and bereavement
  • Change of Life (health changes, separation)
  • Post-traumatic stress and abuse-trauma recovery
  • Life-Position dynamics (personal, family, workplace)
  • Behavioural Psychology
  • Health & well-being, self-identity / crisis issues – existential dilemmas

Health & Wellbeing Counselling Session

There is always an answer to everything we feel and everything that is happening to us in our lives. Let’s take a look at you, your life, your experiences, your triumphs and your traumas, your health and your relationships and we will get to the bottom of how to make you feel better and how to empower you to resolve all conflict, and create a new life. Regular Counselling sessions are for 45mins.

Micro Counselling Session

A brief session for when you have a question you would like an answer or feedback on. Perhaps something has just happened in your life, or you are feeling anxious or unsure. This session is also a brief follow-up or check-in for existing clients on any matter that is urgent or on your mind. A Micro session is not a replacement for a regular session. Micro Counselling sessions are limited for up to 15mins only.

With a focus on the holistic mind and psychological, mental and emotional homeostasis, Jason help individuals understand their emotions, feelings, reactions and responses. This is often in conjunction with a cognitive review of formative years, sensitising events and environmental and relationship circumstances in order to find a centre point of complete understanding. Jason cultivates the perception of one’s reality to identify and resolve memories to create clarity and change.

Identifying the power of memory plays a vital role in uncovering all factors of consciousness to promote balance, harmony and health of an individual. Jason will help a client address internal conflict and come to terms with experiences and personal concepts. He will help identify strengths and capabilities to heal. Jason’s mindfulness techniques cultivates a confidence for the individual to progress forward in one’s life psychologically, physically and mentally.

Releasing emotional and subconscious concepts formed from memories allows Jason to help frame actions and stimulate behaviour that arise from the conscious release of anxiety, trauma and suppressed experiences.

Jason’s pioneering form of deep-mind meditation is also a core component of his practice to empower inner reflection, build mental clarity and cultivate emotional resilience. Jason works extensively with current behaviour as a product of memory, experiences and trauma, and all progressive behaviour and growth is a product of awareness, observation, balance and understanding. Jason engages cognitive behavioural change through the process of awareness, observation and emotional truth.

Jason practices in Dunedin & Queenstown and also virtually.

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Allow 30 mins for your first session so I can understand how best to understand and help. Regular sesssions are 15mins.

"I have felt different all my life, like I did not belong, like I did not fit. I could never find balance until I met Jason. He helped me understand the memories that were holding me back from being me and I could not be more happy."


"I have meditated for years, but Jason's guided meditations are like nothing else I experienced before. It was just like you said, Jason, relaxation comes after awareness, not before."


"I look around my life now and I see everything I did not see before. Clarity is everything. If I had not had an insight session I would not have known where to look within my own psyche. Thank you, Jason, from the bottom of my heart."


"I attended an Intuition & Energy workshop and was amazed at how much I did not know about energy, life and my own energy field. I thought intuition was like a tool, but it is so much more. I discovered it was the connection to the Real me."



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