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Zone Therapy - You Can Heal

Zone Therapy heals your entire body by reseting the balance of your brain-body zones.

Physical disorders, dysfunctions, diseases, aches, pains and conditions in your body are a manifestation of emotional trauma. Our subconscious holds memories that form our deepest concepts. All concepts and memory manifest in the body, controlled by the imbalance of 1 or more of 6 regulatory zones that control every single cell in your body. When zones are balanced your body will enter homeostasis to regain proper function and harmony. A balanced body will then do what it needs to in order to heal.

All health issues manifest from emotional imbalance. Your body is a reflection of your subconscious, deep memory and formative life concepts. When your mind and body is in balance you can begin to feel great and live a new life.

Workshops - Heal Your Body and Mind, and Create the Future You Want

Workshops run from Queenstown, Frankton, Arrowtown, Wanaka or online.

In a workshop, Jason will instruct and guide you to improve your physical health, strengthen your immune system and create cellular resilience. Jason will show you how what we think and how we feel always manifests in our bodies. This is why our concepts of self-identity needs to shift so we can become happier and healthier. Cellular and biological health is drastically improved when concepts or blockages from the subconscious are released. 

In workshops Jason will explore the link between the conscious and unconscious mind, and demonstrate and activate your ability to balance your body and mind with Zone Treatment. 

Meditation Groups & Personal Development

Guided Meditation is at the very centre of self awareness, inner awareness, balance and harmony.

The Time Centre offers guided meditations online and group meditations from Queenstown, Arrowtown and Wanaka. These include inner awareness and healing meditations sessions. Family session coming soon.

You can also find personal development workshops and courses for ‘Intuitive Development’, ‘Dream Talking’ and the ‘Psychology of Change’. 

Meditations allow us all to go on a journey within. Take your journey today beyond relaxation and into your inner being for awareness, health and happiness.

Which session to book?

Zone Treatment Session

It is recommended to book a Zone Treatment Session with Jason to discuss your emotional or physical health, symptoms or injuries. This session allows time to discuss your health and ongoing matters effecting your life and health balance. This session in $95 for up to 30mins.

 Zone Balance Session

A ‘Zone Balance’ session is strictly a 10-15min balancing session. Jason will balance your body zones based on table palpation, symptoms or intuitive palpation. When health is a priority this is a cost-effective way to maintain your body health and keep your healing ‘activated’. Sessions are $50.

Health & Wellbeing Counselling

Health & Wellbeing Counselling Sessions are holistic and comprehensive. Life issues, your feelings, your mind, relationships, abuse & trauma, grief and existential dilemmas. Everything you are feeling has an origin, and I can help you find it. Counselling sessions may included Zone Treatment if desired. Health & Wellbeing Counselling sessions are $150 for 45mins.

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