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All is energy. Our mind, emotions and body health are all connected through consciousness. We can heal when we are able to bypass emotional trauma within the mind and resolve its effects on the body. Zone Therapy balances your body into a ‘self healing’ mode to activate your natural healing process. Timeless Mind Meditation and Healing takes you on an inner journey to activate the abilities we all have to heal and awaken.

As a practitioner Jason connects the mind and body with zone therapy, timeless mind programs, meditation, counselling and energy work. He leads groups through deep-mind meditation for rejuvenation, insight, balance and harmony. 


With over 30 years experience he runs workshops to deliver practical training, instruction and application of our energy systems including our energy field, the inner mind, dreams, the paranormal, intuition and beyond.

Jason is the foremost Zone Treatment practitioner in New Zealand, and pioneers ‘Timeless Mind Healing’ in combination to assist individuals repair mind and body and access the point of energy beyond the trauma of ‘time’ to reset, recode, rebuild and restore emotional wellbeing, physical health and genetic expression. Resolving memory allows us to resolve mental, emotional and physical conditions. Jason is a qualified Professional Counsellor who utilises holistic behavioural psychology and deeply intuitive practises of the mind and energy system to change lives for a new future.

 – Zone Treatment Certified Practitioner

Creator of Timeless Mind Healing programs

– Creator of ‘The Psychology of Change’ Resilience Program

– 15 years Professional Counsellor experience

– 25 years Guided Meditation Instructor

– 30 years Mind Research & practise Energy Systems

BA Psychology Counselling

– Professional Counselling Diploma

– Counselling Skills Certification

– Grief Counselling Training

Clinical Hypnotherapy

– Dreams & Dimensional Consciousness

– Paranormal Investigation & Parapsychology Research

All is energy. Your mind is limitless, and you can heal.

Jason specialises in the mind, consciousness and energy. Zone Therapy balances the brain-body regulation system for perfect health. Timeless Mind Healing opens up the Gateway of your timeless mind to bypass memory and infuse your life blueprint with new light. All we are is light.

We are all looking for health, happiness, balance and harmony. We want to be in control of our own lives. We want to believe we can embrace freedom and choose the things we want, and avoid the things we don’t. Balance in all things is the goal for most of us, and awareness and mindfulness is the key. That is why our mind, body and energy have to be in balance.

For some happiness comes from pursuing the meaning of life and for others it comes from developing a healthy lifestyle and giving back to the greater whole. Many want to know what their purpose in life is. Very often we all look to understand what is happening to us in our lives, and how to find our way. But answers can often be hard to come by, and we find ourselves lost in a world where time keeps moving without answers, and health suffers under the weight of technology and ‘progress’.

That is where so much begins and ends – in time. We must be aware of the effect of time upon us, because everything we do comes from who we are based on our memories and experiences of our past, our future, and our response to what is happening to us in our lives right now.

“I can help you heal. You heal you, and I can help. I can help you rise above the confusion, or stand centred in the storm. I can help you manage your grief, understand your emotions and tap into the ‘You’ you need. I can balance your physiological zones and empower you to change your life and health for the better. And yes, love is one of the major proponents to change and a balanced life. In fact, in the end, love is everything.” Jason

It is ALL about balance, and gaining insight and understanding. This leads to awareness, and awareness leads to choices and actions that take control back.

Over years of workshops, discussion groups and personal counselling, one thing is always the same… health issues, traumatic memories, relationships, emotions, events, dreams, grief, ambition and so on. Our responses all rise from our deepest places, and they are all a product of ‘Time’. I have spent 30 years researching, listening, helping, uncovering and practising within the realm of the ‘mind’ through time. All of the answers to all of our questions are within us.

Jason works in Dunedin and Queenstown, New Zealand.

Guided Meditation, Inner Awareness & Energy

Meditation is one of the most powerful and important activities I believe a person can do in the pursuit of awareness and insight. Traditional meditation is important for peace of mind and a relaxed body that leads to good health. However, it goes beyond simply quietening the mind and resting the body; true awareness comes from introspection. Taking a journey through your own mind and opening up the channels of communication to a deeper meaning within you.

Consciousness is like a lens – when you use the right one, things are clear. When you use the wrong one, all you see is a blur and you understand nothing.

My journey over many years has shown me the true beauty within us all. I have experienced things people say are impossible, and yet they happened. Many times.

Sanity is the invention of a limited mind. We must be open at all times to what we do not yet know, for it is only in the unknown we find the evolution of awareness.

I am blessed to have lived, loved and researched into the depths of the human mind and travelled to the edge of consciousness and beyond. 

I actively research and understand the human physiological condition and how it is connected to our minds, our emotions and our brains, the behavioural psyche, emotional dynamics and initial sensitising memories. Other areas of specialist practise include intuition, energy systems, mind travel and the paranormal where life meets the afterlife. If you are unsure about that statement, it is just because you have not had the experience to know otherwise. Ask me, and I will happily share what I have lived. That is what awareness is all about – going beyond boundaries.

And so …

There is a light within each one of us – the essence of who we are. That light is the awareness of our authentic or ‘Real’ self beneath the layers of our role in everyday life. The real ‘you’. When we know who we really are, we can find balance and harmony.

The only thing that stands between you and total health and awareness is your relationship to memory through time. When we understand the power of our ability to bypass emotional responses and memory you are free to become the person you were always meant to be.

I believe something I have said here may have touched you in a way perhaps you were ready to hear. If that is so, please be in touch for an in-person or virtual consultation or come along to one of the meditation groups or workshops.

"You have to know where you are in order to know where you are going."

Jason & Diane

"You have to build a bridge before you can walk across it."

Jason & Diane

"The quickest way to erase the past is to create a new future."

Jason & Diane

"In a world so limited by intellect beauty has lost its way."

Jason & Diane

"You always run towards what you are running away from."

Jason & Diane

"If you don't face the truth in your life, you get caught up in the illusion of change."

Jason & Diane

"The greatest challenge to love is fear."

Jason & Diane

"To resolve something you have to dissolve it."

Jason & Diane

"Peace has to be forfeited for the truth."

Jason & Diane

"What if I told you mankind's greatest creation was division."

Jason & Diane

"Freedom is the knowing that each day cannot hold you. No person can possess you and no god can guide you."

Jason & Diane

"Truth is the experience of knowing one's own thought."

Jason & Diane

"When your brain gets busy your feelings take a vacation ... and nothing is understood."

Jason & Diane

"People with closed minds usually have open mouths."

Jason & Diane

"I have felt different all my life, like I did not belong, like I did not fit. I could never find balance until I met Jason. He helped me understand the memories that were holding me back from being me and I could not be more happy."


"I have meditated for years, but Jason's guided meditations are like nothing else I experienced before. It was just like you said, Jason, relaxation comes after awareness, not before."


"I look around my life now and I see everything I did not see before. Clarity is everything. If I had not had an insight session I would not have known where to look within my own psyche. Thank you, Jason, from the bottom of my heart."


"I attended an Intuition & Energy workshop and was amazed at how much I did not know about energy, life and my own energy field. I thought intuition was like a tool, but it is so much more. I discovered it was the connection to the Real me."


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