Trying to find meaning can be like trying to catch the wind in your hand … 

Trying to define what you feel sometimes – that elusive feeling that is a mix of knowing, feeling, needing and so many other emotions – can be like trying to catch the wind in your hand.

You reach out, then look at your hand to see what you hold … and you do indeed hold the wind, but you also hold nothing because it is so endless. A handful of wind is so much a part of such an almighty system of invisible energy. You feel aware of why you tried to catch it and also aware that you never had a hope.

Somewhere, within that moment of recognition, is the answer. You realise the answer you tried to catch was not the answer at all. The answer was in the reason you tried to catch the wind in the first place. You tried because you know something. You tried because you feel something, because you can’t let go of something.

You are already standing in the wind, yourself, and you feel it all around you, touching your face and whispering in your ear. You didn’t need to catch it at all, but you needed to ‘try’ and catch it. Why did you need to try? Because you needed to show yourself you needn’t bother trying.

It is not what you hold in your hand that matters, it is that you are already a part of the wind, a part of it all, just by being you.

– Jason is a Holistic Counsellor. He runs Guided Meditation Sessions and Discovery Workshops at Taste Nature Integrated Health

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