In order to reach a state of well-being we have to learn and understand how to actively engage a lifestyle where we are ‘being well’. Being well is a journey, not just a destination.

So often in our modern society we have to make choices about how we live, what we do, what we eat and ultimately how we treat our mind and body. A state of well-being is a concept that most people understand. In order to reach a state of well-being we have to learn and understand how to actively engage a lifestyle where we are “being well”. It is a journey, not just a destination.

So what does ‘being well’ mean? It means many things, and different things to different people. It is subjective, sometimes idealistic but always very personal. What’s more, if we don’t learn how to ‘be well’ we will never achieve a state of well-being.

How does one learn to ‘be well’? How do we unlearn behaviour that make us unwell? As a holistic counsellor and meditation practitioner, I have worked with the human mind and our emotional psyche for many years; the single most important priority we have to our self is to slow down and learn to be self-aware. From here, everything can start to shift on the axis of our lives. Then, and only then, will we find a sense of genuine and sustainable well-being in our lives rather than a fragile and temporary one.

It all starts with your mind. ‘What’ you think is not as important as ‘why’ you think it. Why you think a certain way is based upon your memory, your emotions and experiences. We are all heavily influenced by our surroundings, our upbringing, our society and our beliefs. You want a better world. You want a better future. You want positive change. You want to be healthy, feel secure and be safe.

We embrace mindfulness and health-conscious practices. We invest in education and information that can help us find a balance between mind, body and life; that elusive centre point we all strive for in our own way. We see the world around us and we want to make it better. We know we can only make it better by making ourselves better. Well, you can only do that when you learn ‘who you are’ deep down inside.

‘Being well’ is very personal. In order to be well, you have to know yourself. The natural and healthy choices we make in our diet and for our bodies on an outer level are vital for our holistic health. The practice of being well means we must also underpin and support this by a state of mind that is healthy and aware. That is the key to learning how to make your life a better place, every time.

The answer to ‘being well’ is to know yourself and why you think and live the way you do. Your self-awareness then becomes a resilient strength. It requires us to look inward with total honesty. If you need help here, this is where I step in.

Honesty is tough at times. It brings vulnerability, even tears. It challenges the thing we hold onto. It often upsets the way we perceive ourselves. But if honesty upsets your balance, then it wasn’t really balanced at all. It makes us revisit our choices and our past, but leads to freedom.

Everything we experience in our life is equal to how we respond to it. We are the sum total of our memory. That being so, you cannot ever discover how to “be well” if you do you not discover the feelings you are holding. It is a deeply meaningful experience. ‘Being well’ means to discover what motivates you, and why you stand in your life where you stand, right now.

We all know the difference between what it feels like to be well and to be unwell. Or do we? Think about it. Are you balanced, or just repeating each day over and over? We are all motivated by one thing or another, but are you balanced? We practise routines we perceive as well-being, but are we okay?

The strongest person is not necessarily someone who appears to have everything together. The strongest person is the person who is not afraid to look back, to look inwardly, to stand still and be introspective.

So the practice of ‘being well’ starts with your state of mind. When your body needs help and support, you should honour and respect its needs. Taste Nature is dedicated to this holistic and sustainable way of life. It is devoted to health and well-being integrated with specialised and holistic health modalities. It is a pioneer in healthcare.

In order to practise ‘being well’ we all need to be pioneers in our own lives. When we feel like everything ‘should’ be okay, but it just isn’t … that is when we need to talk about it. That is where strength comes from awareness. Your emotions, your thoughts and your inner feelings are telling you something is out of balance. If and when that happens you owe it to yourself to find out how to become ‘aware’ so you can find that balance again and experience a New future. That is ultimately the only way we can achieve a life well-being and balance.

– Jason is a Holistic Counsellor. He runs Guided Meditation Sessions and Discovery Workshops at Taste Nature Integrated Health

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