I want to talk about where you belong. 

So many people wonder about where they have come from, and where they are going. Sometimes life itself makes us question where we belong, and is there something else? Is there more? Why are so many always searched for something? Why has no-one ever found a lasting, all-encompassing answer.

The nature of our reality is questionable. There is no doubt about that. Don’t ask someone stuck within a rigid belief system built on fear or ego, but ask someone who has searched without bias or preference. The genuine seekers are few and far between. Wherever we look there are inconsistencies. There are so many things that promise fulfillment and guidance and yet never deliver.

So where do we go? What do we do to answer the burning questions that drive us and yet meets an obstacle or a void in the outside world, in this place called life.

To find answers, we have to go within. That is the only place we will find the answers we seek. And so the question of where do we belong is an important one. We are all experiencing this thing called ‘life’. We have all come from somewhere, and we are all going somewhere. But where is that? Or when? Or what?

Most people understand the idea of a ‘soul’. We all have something inside us; an energy system that fills us with something more than we can perhaps relate to our everyday life. The words “soul mate” and the “evolution” of our soul – these phrases and words raise questions, but what do they actually mean?

It is really about remembering. Because we also have to understand, we all are One. We all came from the same point to begin with, and have all taken different journeys. The soul is an experience within the human life-cycle, repeated many many times in what is called ‘evolution’. There was originally a karmic range of experiences to understand the separation value of life itself to understand multiple experiences through multiple lives.

But what if beyond the soul there is … something else? The spirit is commonly misunderstood as being the soul, because perhaps the soul also belongs to a greater energy, but what if our human being has within it an energy that belongs to something beyond itself that is greater. Something not singular. 

Perhaps the journey of the soul is only a small counterpart of a much bigger picture of who and what we really are as human beings on a lonely planet in an endless sky.

That is about the cornerstone of understanding; this is why we should ask the question as to where we belong. We all have memories of our lives, and those who enquire deeper beyond the surface of the life often find memories they cannot explain. Confusion reigns for some. Exaggeration reigns for others.

Whilst we only believe in our immediate suroundings alone we are not open to other ranges of energy and experiences of life and light beyond our life. We may never understand or remember the Real nature of who and what we are. That would be a tragic missed opportunity.

Life came from somewhere and will go back to somewhere. But the journey in between those two points is a fascinating one. Full of experiences, thoughts and dimensions. Life and beyond life. We certainly do not want to be stuck in a never ending loop of the sameness of belief systems, imagery, memory and illusion.

The experience of memory is about going within. Quietening the mind. Travelling inwardly into the real memories we hold inside. This can take us beyond where we ever imagined, and to places wonderful and familiar.

The questions we often ask about the point of our life, our purpose and what it all means are so important. When we start to us the question, “Where do we belong?” we start a journey to truly understand who we really are.

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