Many understand meditation to be the practice of attaining quietness and stillness in order to help the mind and body achieve balance and harmony.

Whilst this is true meditation is so much more than that. Like many others, I have been practising meditation for a long time. Over the years I have seen many people misunderstand meditation, leave it behind because they were never shown what it is truly capable of or were never able to achieve it in the first place.

True meditation has so many more benefits and sole peace of mind or giving the body the peace and relaxation it needs to heal, find balance and allow the stress of the day to fall way. True meditation is a gateway to who and what we truly are. Relaxation and balance, stillness and a sense of well-being … these are only the beginning.

 Over the past 30 years I have used research to heal, to balance, to investigate and research our conscious and unconscious states of mind and to find meaning where there has been none before.

1. Balance and harmony – This is the main reason we often begin meditation, and it is a deeply personal and very important one. Balance and harmony through the practice of meditation is used to relieve physical, emotional and psychological stress. The world around us simply does not stop inventing new ways for stress to affect our lives, and so this first reason for meditation is so very important.

2. Improved health – What he’s perhaps less commonly known is the biological and neurological effect on the body of  short and prolonged periods of meditation. When your mind and body harmonise in a way that allows the flow of your energy to relax your muscles and your physiology, it is well documented that healing and health improvements a positively effected, even accelerated. Deeper studies show actual physical changes in the brain as the creative centres and neurology grow and change when experiencing the continual practise of meditation for a more focused and balanced state of mind.

3. Understanding ‘You’ – Beyond the physical layer of our bodies and the version of ourselves we show to the world,  lives a version of you that perhaps only you know. Do you know oneself is the greatest gift one can ever give oneself. And to know oneself is only ever achieved through introspection, emotional honesty, revisiting memories and deeply delving into how we think and feel at every level. With in the depths of a properly guided meditation session, we can discover wonderful things. Amazing things. Beautiful things. Answers to questions we didn’t even know we were asking, and and understanding about ‘You’ that only you can give yourself.

4. Open the Gateway – I have been running meditation sessions for nearly 20 years, and the Gateway is an amazing experience do you begin to enter into the realm of our own subconscious and deeper conscious mind. Beyond the Gateway  of every day life is and exciting destination of information, memories, knowledge, skills and new abilities they can help you discover I new ‘You’ and to create a New future. This is where meditation meets in your awareness.

5. Getting in touch with the ‘Real’ you – Guided Meditation sessions that acknowledge we exist on many levels of consciousness I’m a powerful way to get in touch with me ‘Real’ you. Meditation designed to achieve insight and greater awareness about who you are, the life you live, and what you are capable of is the ultimate form of discovery.

Imagine being able to feel at peace, help your body heal and relax, sleep better and think clearer. Imagine, because you have become more aware of who you really are, you are more certain and more aware than ever before. You are able to answer questions instead of just asking them. Your relationships improve, most importantly the one with yourself. Who you are, what your life is all about, what you want and where are you want to be all come into focus.

This is all available through meditation. Because meditation is a part of a much larger journey. Please take a look at the meditation sessions and you’ll see what I mean.

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