You can Heal

Balance your body and activate natural healing. Zone Treatment gently balances the 6 zones of your body to restore perfect health function.

Heal with Zone Therapy

Zone Therapy balances your body to stimulate your brain to activate your own natural healing process from the subconscious. A balanced brain and body will help you heal from conditions, ailments, physical and emotional trauma, poisons, toxins and injuries.

Health & Wellbeing Counselling

  • Mental & Emotional Health, Grief, loss and bereavement & Change of Life
  • Post-traumatic stress and abuse-trauma recovery
  • Life-Position dynamics (personal, family, workplace) & Behavioural psychology
  • Health & well-being, self-identity / crisis issues – existential dilemmas

Rebuild & Restore with your mind

Your subconscious holds the key to optimise your health. Your mind has the power to neutralise and bypass trauma. Your subconscious operates across your life timeline, and properly guided can re-code, rebuild and restore harmony to your body. Far beyond epigenetics, Zone Treatment at The Time Centre opens up a New Program for a healthier life.

Meditate for Health & Happiness

Guided Meditation will take you on a journey of healing, relaxation, discovery, inspiration and inner awareness. Guided Meditation Groups run regularly and are also available as downloads. Meditations at The Time Centre are an experience of awakening.

Activate Your Healing

Zone Treatment is an exclusive experience to help you heal negative memory trauma and its effects on your body. Zone sessions with Jason help release the energy causing health issues and improve healing from illness, surgury or injuries.

Queenstown, Dunedin (New Zealand) or Virtual Sessions

Zone Therapy to Heal

Your body can heal when it is balance. When the mind and body are out of balance, health issues and conditions manifest. Your mind and your brain have the power to heal, and your brain regulates your 6 body zones to control every cell in your body to regulate all of your biological and physiological systems. Balance your zones, balance your body, restore your health.

Your body functions within a holistic system of 7 Zones. 6 Zones heal the body, regulated by 6 control centres in your brain. When your zones are balanced, your brain can begin to restore healthy function to your body by reseting its regulatory functions (that have so far been out of balance) and start the healing and balancing process by bringing together your body and mind.

Your Zones control all Glandular, Elimination, Nerve, Digestive, Muscular and Circulatory cell and function in your body. Using remote or in-person energetic stimulation your brain-body balance can be restored and your natural healing systems can repair your body.

You Can Heal.

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All health issues in the body are a result of memories we hold, traumas we have experienced and concepts we have developed, all manifest in the body from our subconscious and deeper mind.

Meditations for Life & Inner Peace 

Guided Meditation is at the centre of self awareness, inner awareness, balance and harmony.

Meditation allows us to relax, release, rejuvenate and heal. Take a journey beyond consciousness into your inner mind and discover inspiration and love. Meditations can be downloaded for private use or you can join a group or workshop.

Join weekly Meditation Session or go online 

You can listen to Jason’s Healthy Mind Meditation Series or The Journey Home Meditation Series here on The Time Centre website. 

Jason also runs weekly meditation meditation sessions at OC Health Club in Queenstown, and will soon have more meditation sessions running in Wanaka & Arrowtown.

Healthy Mind

Guided Meditations Series for Balance and Harmony in Life

A healthy life is all about obtaining and maintaining balance and harmony that comes from my state of mind that is aware, centred, calm and totally perceptive of oneself and surrounding life. Awareness is all about perception, and we can live a healthy life perception of our self is balanced.

This guided meditation series focuses on letting go of all thoughts, stress and strain it will take us away from our centre point of inner peace.

How physical and mental health is entirely connected to our mindset and emotional health. Observation, clarity and being present within oneself in the moment that carries through what is life is the key to happiness.

You deserve happiness, health and peace. This series compliments Zone Therapy and Timeless Mind Healing. Try a meditation today.

The Journey Home

Guided Meditations Series for the Inner Journey of Awareness

There is a journey we are all upon. We are light existing with in life. We are energy existing within form, and the energy of the essence of our soul, spirit or higher energy will always guide us to remember we are more than who we believe we are.

When we take an inner journey we awaken a sense of purpose, perspective, abilities and allow us to experience life differently.

On the Journey Home, we can learn to live within life and not be effected by it. We can remember how to maintain our point of awareness at all times which develops in our life as health, happiness and freedom of spirit.

The Journey Home meditations will open your mind, expand your energy and remind you how beautiful you are as an essence of light happening your life.

Family Harmony

Guided Meditations Series for Family Health & Happiness

Balance, harmony, resilienc, inner and outer strength are realised with the greatest potential when we learn how self-awareness and love feels, and how to achieve it, from a young age.

The family unit in this modern era needs harmony more than ever before. A balanced family group benefits health, increases mindfulness, increases learning capacity and holistic awareness of oneself. A family that is in balance not only support one another, it supports a more resilient and happy future.

A family that can meditate together can share every feeling, every vision, every ambition and sort through any problem. The auto-immune system, physical, emotional and mental health of a child is boosted dramatically with meditation.

Share a meditation experience with your family today and build security. Suitable for ages 8+.

 Groups, Workshops & Courses

Meditation Groups & Events

Join a regular meditation group in Dunedin or Queenstown. Relax and be inspired. Help yourself heal. Learn and develop hidden abilities.

Guided Meditations

Download guided meditations designed to help you relax, quieten your mind and take an inner journey of discovery.

Online Courses

Learn to be intuitive. Understand your dreams and connect to your inner mind. Discover your true potential… and your Real self.

The Time Centre

The Star of Life & Energy © is at the heart of The Time Centre. When we look at life we cannot see it as separate from mind, energy and consciousness. We are energy beings living physical lives, and our beliefs and concepts determine not only our health, but our reality.

There are 4 factors that determine our self-identity and our state of health – our awareness & perception, our experiences of memory, our thought concepts and our feelings. Collectively, these relate to inner and outer love, and resilience of mind and body. Our thoughts and feelings come from our experiences and memories; these form our beliefs and concepts that embrace love or destroy through fear. 

Awareness comes from within, from beyond our concept of self, brain and body. Deep awareness of our mind, energy and body helps us awaken to our potential. Our memories can create awakening, or ill health through imbalance. These 12 segments of the Star of Life & Energy are given to help us focus on the full picture of life as a product of the balance of all energy. Balance and awareness builds the power of love, and true healing transcends the illusion of fear. The power of mind and body can begin to work together to create cellular resilience to repair, rebuild, regrow, rejuvenate … and awaken.

The Time Centre is a place to Heal, to balance your body and your mind.

Zone Therapy to Heal 

Timeless Mind Healing to Rebuild & Restore

The Time Centre Star of Life & Energy © 2023

 The Journey Home podcasts on Spotify

24 inspiring episodes of the internationally acclaimed ‘The Journey Home’ show by Jason. Listen to each 56min episode covering topics about the mind, energy, the One of All, consciousness, life, mental and emotional health and the psychology of change and how to be best ‘You’ you can be. Each episode includes a special meditation to journey within and improve the quality of your journey through life. Listen here or on the OAR FM Radio Show podcasts.

Heal and transcend time
Remember Light before Life
Resolve Memory
Mind over Body
You can Heal
Balance Your Body & Mind
Meditate for Life
Meditation is Light
Light is New Life

Recode DNA expression
Reset genetic blueprint
Reform Memory Pathways
Rebuild Mind & Body Balance
Restore Body Function and Health

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